Communities Taking Climate Action: Leading Courageously

November 14-15, 2023

Watch Parties & Networking Events Q&A

What is Communities Taking Climate Action?
Community Climate Transitions’ Communities Taking Climate Action: Leading Courageously is our 2023 national climate transitions gathering. It brings together 200+ diverse advocates and changemakers from the municipal, nonprofit, community, and private sectors, in addition to resident-led groups engaged in transition efforts. Through a dynamic two-day learning agenda, we will explore successful climate mitigation and adaptation strategies and amplify on-the-ground and replicable transition stories, while demonstrating how to lead with care and empathy. We will hear inspirational examples and messages from youth leaders taking bold action, learn from world-renowned keynote speakers, and connect with climate trailblazers leading the way across Turtle Island.
When is the gathering?
November 14 – 15, 2023. The official gathering agenda will include two full days of keynotes, panels, masterclasses, and more.
November 14th 11:00am-5:30pm ET and November 15th 11:00am-5:30pm ET
Why host an in-person meetup?
We are seeking community partners across Turtle Island interested in hosting meetups with neighbouring CCT members and local partners. The goal is twofold:
- to provide space for registrants to experience the gathering collectively for deeper regional reflection, learning, and relationships;
- to provide space to network and have rich discussions about learnings from the gathering and local work with relevant leaders and community members.
What types of in-person meetups can be hosted?
A Watch Party entails a group of 5 or more event registrants coming together to watch the gathering together in person. The group may include various CCT collaborative members, learners, and partners in your community (or region) who will come together to learn and have locally relevant discussions.

A Networking Event entails CCT members, learners, and partners hosting a group of 10 or more local climate advocates and changemakers after the day’s sessions (typically day 1 – November 14th) to forge new connections and relationships while reflecting on the day’s learnings and grounding them in local challenges and projects. A minimum of 5 attendees should be event registrants.
How much do they cost, and why?
For watch parties, regular registration fees apply for each participant and should be submitted through the main gathering page. Because networking events traditionally take place after gathering activities have ceased for the day, registration is not required, although highly encouraged so that most can be made of the events. Groups hosting watch parties will be given access to a group discount rate of $339 per registrant for a group of at least 3 people. We ask that hosts provide in-kind access to space and A/V.

For both watch parties and networking events, each host community will receive $500 from Tamarack to support these activities. Funds can be used at the host’s discretion for any gathering-related expenses, for example, to compensate local Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers for opening ceremonies and for food and refreshments. A top-up may be possible for in-person watch parties that host more than ten attendees. You may choose to host in-person meetups for just one day of the gathering, or both.
What if participants can't afford to pay?
We encourage both networking event and watch party participants to register and join the full event, to experience its intended 2-day learning journey. If this is cost-prohibitive, we encourage hosts to make use of the group discounts and/or reach out to us to figure out alternative arrangements where possible. Other ways to reduce registration costs are to access CCT members’ three free seats and Be A Light Fund scholarships (visit the scholarships page to learn more)
Where will in-person meetups take place?
Meetups will take place at convenient locations in local communities. The roles of the host are to secure meeting space, manage A/V (e.g., external computer speakers, screen, and projector), serve refreshments, organize any networking or social opportunities before or after event sessions, select the workshops that the entire group attends (unless participants have laptops and wish to join different concurrent sessions), and help bring local partners to the virtual gathering. We also ask that hosts strive to determine how local Indigenous protocols and partners can be honored and invited into the planned meetups.

Tamarack staff will plan all logistics for the virtual sessions and will keep you apprised of timing and activities so that you can plan your discussions. Tamarack staff will also manage all event registrations and help connect registrants to meetups in their region.
Who can sign up to host one, and how?
All event registrants can request to host a watch party and/or networking meetup. To make this request or to ask questions, please contact Kieran at