What is the Tamarack Institute?
Tamarack is a connected force for community change, building the capacity of changemakers in cities and communities, within Canada, and around the world. Our mission is to catalyze collective action with diverse leaders to solve major community challenges including ending poverty, building youth futures, deepening community, and addressing climate change. Our belief is that when we are effective in strengthening our collective capacity to engage citizens and lead collaboratively, our work contributes to the building of peace and to a more equitable society. Tamarack's approach to change assumes that communities have a central role in responding to intertwined community challenges of climate change, racism, polarization, pandemics and income inequality.
What is EngageFest?

EngageFest is Tamarack's first-ever organization-wide learning event. The gathering takes place virtually with in-person meet-ups around the country. It is about Engaging new ideas, resources and methods to move the needle for your initiative as well as celebrating the incredible work that is already being done around the world! EngageFest! as our first organization-wide event is a big deal! It represents an intentional effort to de-silo our members' essential work and learning journeys and explore the interconnected collective solutions communities need. We are excited to bring together thought-leaders, learners, and Tamarack members from our global network for two days of capacity building, knowledge sharing, and inspiration.  

Whether you're focused on climate transitions, poverty reduction, building neighbourhood belonging, youth involvement or more, we will share stories, knowledge and expertise rooted in topics of equity, diversity, inclusion, justice, and reconciliation while building the five interconnected practices that are vital to driving whole-community change on issues that matter locally. 

When is the EngageFest?
Join us October 29 – 30th, 11:00 am ET – 5:00 pm ET with optional pre-sessions each morning. Over two days, you'll hear from keynote speakers and community partners and participate in beginner, intermediate, and advanced workshops offering instructional and interactive course material. 
Will EngageFest! be offered in other languages?

EngageFest! will be primarily presented in English. However, we are proud to offer all plenary sessions as well as select workshops in French. 

What type of accessibility measures will be in place?

EngageFest will be offered virtually with closed-captioned abilities in all plenary and breakout sessions via Howspace, our event platform, and Zoom. Whenever possible, we will share resources and materials ahead of time for those who wish to print off presentations or follow along on their own screens. 

EngageFest! sessions will be recorded unless otherwise noted and shared back to participants. If you have any accessibility requirements, please reach out to stephanie@tamarackcommunity.ca. 

What is an in-person meetup?

We seek community partners across Turtle Island interested in hosting meet-ups with neighbouring Network for Change members and local partners.   

There are two types of meet-ups:  

A Watch Party is a group of 5 or more event registrants coming together to watch the gathering in person. The group may include various Tamarack collaborative members, learners, and partners in your community who will come together to learn and have locally relevant discussions. Hosts should consider whether Watch Party events are open to the public or by invitation only. 

A Networking Event is Tamarack members, learners, and partners hosting a group of 10 or more local changemakers before or after the day's sessions to forge new connections and relationships while reflecting on the day's learnings and grounding them in local challenges and projects. A minimum of 5 attendees should be event registrants. Hosts should consider whether Networking events are open to the public or by invitation only. 

Either a watch party or a networking event can be a good opportunity to energize members of your community towards your own goals. In our experience, learning together is a great way to spark new collective ideas that you and your partners – or prospective partners – can turn into action. Consider organizing additional local speakers for the morning or afternoon that are compelling to the members in your community,  and hosting a dialogue to move your plans forward. 

What is the benefit of hosting a meetup?
  • Participants will forge new connections and relationships, highlight challenges and projects, create community engagement, will and buy-in for future collaborations and a common agenda.  

  • To provide space for event registrants and other community members to experience the gathering collectively for deeper regional reflection, learning, and relationships.  

  • To provide space to network and have rich discussions about learnings from the gathering and local work with relevant leaders and community members.  

  • Move a particular agenda item forward or host a meeting around the watch party.  

  • Celebrate milestones 

Is there a cost?

Regular registration fees apply for watch parties for each participant and should be submitted through the main gathering page. Groups hosting watch parties will be given access to a group discount rate of $439 per registrant for a group of at least three people. We ask that hosts provide in-kind access to space and A/V.   

Because networking events traditionally occur before or after gathering activities, registration is not required for participation, although highly encouraged so that most can be made of the events. We also ask that hosts provide in-kind access to space and A/V for these events.  

For both watch parties and networking events, each host community will receive $500 from Tamarack to support these activities. Funds can be used at the host's discretion for any gathering-related expenses, such as to compensate local Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers for opening ceremonies, food, and refreshments. A top-up may be possible for in-person watch parties that host more than ten attendees. You can host meetups for just one day of the gathering or both. 

What if participants can't afford to pay?
We encourage networking events and watch party participants register and join the event to experience its intended 2-day learning journey. If this is cost-prohibitive, we encourage hosts to use the group discounts and contact us to determine alternative arrangements where possible. Other ways to reduce registration costs are to take advantage of the group discounts, as well as the Barrier-free and Supported rate registration fees. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to Stephanie at stephanie@tamarackcommunity.ca  
Where will in-person meetups take place?
The roles of the host are to secure meeting space, manage A/V (e.g., external computer speakers, screen, and projector), serve refreshments, organize any networking or social opportunities before or after event sessions, select the workshops that the entire group attends (unless participants have laptops and wish to join different concurrent sessions), and help bring local partners to the virtual gathering. It is also expected that hosts determine how they can welcome local Indigenous partners and rightsholders into the planning processes, lessen barriers to participation and co-hosting, and honour local Indigenous protocols including Honoraria and gifting throughout the meetups. 
What support can Tamarack provide to event hosts?

Tamarack staff will plan logistics for the virtual sessions and will keep you apprised of timing and activities so that you can prepare your discussions. Tamarack staff will also manage all event registrations and help connect registrants to meetups in their region.  

  • $500 for host costs   

  • Poster template to help promote the event   

  • Access to email lists to promote to local attendees  

  • Connections to potential partners and collaborators 

Who can sign up to host one, and how?
All event registrants can request to host a watch party or networking meetup. To make this request or to ask questions, please complete the form on the Meet Ups page. If you have any additional questions, please contact Maureen at maureen@tamarackcommunity.ca