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Transformational Evaluation with Special Guest Michael Quinn Patton

Our last session will feature an interview and Q & A session with evaluation expert Michael Quinn Patton to get an early peek at his soon-to-published book, Blue-Marble Evaluation, a systematic and holistic approach to evaluating efforts to change economic, social and environmental systems that cross artificial organizational, sector and political boundaries. This exclusive new session will stretch and inspire you to think about the potential of systems change evaluations.

Watch a previous webinar with Michael Quinn Patton on Principles Focused Evaluation

Prototyping Evaluation

We’re also excited to share a sneak-peek of our module on prototyping evaluation practices. One of the exciting ways that design can inform the practice of evaluation is in developing evaluation prototypes. Evaluation prototypes give evaluators an opportunity to make their ideas about evaluation practices concrete. They also enable the users of the evaluation practice and findings to offer feedback on the evaluation before large amounts of time and effort are invested. We’re seeing that evaluators are increasingly using prototypes, and in this module we’ll get a chance to dive into some common ways that evaluators prototype, explore what the practice of prototyping looks like from a design lens, and discuss what that might mean for your systems change evaluations.

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