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Peer Presenters

We believe in peer learning!  The Collective Impact 3.0 workshop will feature the following Peer Presenters as part of the curriculm in order to showcase and learn from practical examples and case studies of Collective Impact in action around the country. The Peer-led workshops will be as follows:

- Healthier Together Through Community Engagement - Joanna Peluso & Kirsten Sleeman from Healthier Jupiter
RISE Athlete Peer Mentoring Program - Tammy Copp from Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health
- CI TRRUST's Life Span - Lucie Honey-Ray from TRRUST Collective Impact Vancouver
- Setting Community Priorities after the Wild Fire: Collaboration in Fort McMurray - Bernie Lalor-Morton & Iain MacDonald from FuseSocial
New Horizons for Seniors Program - Collective Impact to reduce Seniors Isolation - Sharon Mason from ESDC
Environmental Scan for Asset Mapping - Brenda Taylor from University of Saskatchewan
A Way Home Canada: Transforming our Response to Youth Homelessness with CI – Mary-Jane McKitterick & David French from A Way Home
Integrated Crisis Diversion: Just Call 211! - Lindsay Daniller from REACH Edmonton 
Inspired Communities Model to End Gender -Based Violence and Abuse – Christie Lavan from ACWS
Tackling Racism through a Collective Approach - Edmonton Shift Lab Stewards
Our High River 2018: Tools of Engagement - F. Bews, J. Seely & K. Mosig from Our High River
The 7th Inning Stretch … Making the Last 2 Innings Count – Dina Sears-Graves from United Way of Southeastern Connecticut
-  Whole System, Collaborative Outcome Mapping & the Zone Map Canvas: R. Keith Jones