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Collective Impact 3.0

Edmonton, AB - February 28 - March 2, 2018

Collective Impact (CI) 3.0 is a three-day intensive workshop for practitioners in early stage, mid stage and later stage community change work. The workshop will explore the latest in the practice of collective impact from experts, practitioners and early adopters of the work.


"The CI framework has breathed new life into the weary efforts of many long-standing community change initiatives. It has also dramatically increased the number of new and aspiring change makers. For all that, the exemplary stories of impact (like Medicine Hat’s success in eliminating homelessness, or the slow but steady improvement of academic outcomes in the environs of Cincinnati) are still the exception rather than the rule."

- Collective Impact 3.0.  Mark Cabaj and Liz Weaver

2 Learners 

Since the collective impact framework was first released in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2011, countless communities across Canada, the United States and internationally have adopted this approach to move the needle on complex community challenges. Results and impact are being achieved. This three day, intensive workshop – Collective Impact 3.0 – will bring together experts, practitioners and early adopters to share their emerging practice, lessons learned, insights and challenges.

This workshop is best suited to those who have an interest and some basic knowledge and experience with collective impact and are eager to tackle the challenging but critical task of moving the needle on complex community challenges like poverty, homelessness, environmental change, early learning and active living.

What do we mean by Collective Impact 3.0?CI 3.0.png

We describe the evolution of CI in terms of three phases. The 1.0 phase refers to the days prior to 2011 when diverse groups spontaneously prototyped CI practices without reference to the patterns identified by FSG. The 2.0 phase spans the five years following Kania and Kramer’s article. Many communities adopted the CI framework laid out there, and FSG made diligent efforts to track, codify, and assess this second generation of CI initiatives. In the third phase, Collective Impact 3.0, the push is to deepen, broaden and adapt CI based on yet another generation of initiatives.

The success of this next generation of community change efforts depends, in part, on the willingness of CI participants not to settle for marginal improvements to the original version of the CI framework. Instead, they must take on the challenge to continually upgrade the approach based on ongoing learning of what it takes to transform communities. The CI approach is – and always will be – unfinished business.

Read Collective Impact 3.0.  by Mark Cabaj and Liz Weaver by clicking on the article to the right.

Three Learners


Building the Practice of Collective Impact

Participants attending the workshop will join three learning streams based on their experience in collective impact. 

The Collective Impact 100 stream is for those individuals and groups at their early stage of their journey.  This group of practitioners will learn to identify the core readiness factors required for a community to move forward.  They will explore how to move their ideas about community change into concrete action plans. 

The Collective Impact 200 Stream is designed for individuals and groups that have an idea, have developed an early stage plan, and are beginning to ramp up their efforts.  Practitioners in this stream will focus on early stage evaluation and shared measurement, engaging partners in mutually reinforcing activities and setting the stage for backbone governance. 

The Collective Impact 300 stream will dive deeper into their collective impact efforts including deepening the evaluation and learning practice, developing an approach to sustaining collective impact efforts, and strategies for deeper engagement and ownership.


“I’m in the early stage in my career as an evaluator and attending this conference confirmed some ideas I already know, subverted some things I thought I knew, and taught me some things I had no idea of.”

Past Tamarack Alumni

“I think this is a great immersion event. Nice to really sink into the learning and let it filter through everything. I felt very at home and welcomed into the fold. This was great as I am from Australia and could have felt disconnected.

Past Tamarack Alumni

“I am deeply grateful for this opportunity. I learned more at this event than my two year master's program! Lastly, I’m so impressed by the Tamarack team! What a friendly, grounded, happy bunch!”

Past Tamarack Alumni

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for you if:

You are leading a collective impact effort as a staff or team member

You are part of a Collective Impact collaborative

You are in a collective impact network and wanting to deepen your collective impact practice

You want to share your collective impact experiences through a tool, case study or workshop  


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Learning Agenda

  • Collective Impact 3.0 - An Evolution in the Revolution
  • Resourcing your Collective Impact initiative
  • Going deeper to impact: Evaluation and Shared Measurement
  • Building authentic engagement
  • Assessing a group's readiness and capacity for capturning community change
  • And more...

See Full Agenda 

Curriculum Team

This three-day intensive workshop will be led by leading experts in Canada involved in the practice of collective impact. 

Mark Cabaj - President, From Here to There & Tamarack Associate, Evaluation
Liz Weaver - Co-CEO, Tamarack Institute
Sylvia Cheuy - Consulting Director, Community Engagement, Tamarack Institute 
You? - We believe in peer learning!  The Collective Impact 3.0 workshop invites you or your collaborative to share the lessons you are learning as you work toward community change and impact. Learn more on the Faculty page. 

Read Faculty Bios

Edmonton, Alberta

February 28- March 2, 2018

Santa Maria Goretti Centre

11050 90 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 1S5

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