The Power of People and Place


October 29 & 30, 2024

Virtual Gathering with In-Person Meet Ups




Virtual Workshop

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In-person Meet-ups

About EngageFest!

The Tamarack Institute is thrilled to announce the launch of EngageFest!, an organization-wide learning event. For the first time ever, we are bringing together Tamarack's Networks for Change community members with over 500 social innovators, changemakers and learners from around the world for two days of networking, capability building, knowledge sharing, and inspiration to explore this year’s theme: The Power of People & Place. 

In our changing world, what's crucial for our future is how people and the places they live in work together. The power of people, with their diverse perspectives and collaborative spirit, drives us forward, enabling innovation and progress. It is through collective efforts that we address global challenges, from climate change to social inequality, harnessing the boundless potential of human leadership and innovation.

Equally important is our recognition of the profound influence of place. Our environments shape our identities and aspirations, providing the backdrop for our lives and communities. Preserving and cherishing these spaces is essential not only for our well-being but also for protecting the resources for future generations. By working together and taking care of both people and the places we live in, we can unlock a brighter tomorrow for all

Why EngageFest! This event is all about Engaging with your colleagues, your communities, and your peers from across the globe. EngageFest! will foster real connection to harness new ideas and knowledge and uncover opportunities to move the needle in your initiatives. Fest is about the celebration of the amazing work that you, your communities, cities and towns across the country are doing to make an impact both locally and globally!  

EngageFest: The Power of People & Place is a hybrid event with virtual sessions and in-person meet-ups in several locations across Canada. This event is packed with inspirational leaders and on-the-ground community members from around the world to share ideas, successes, fail-forward opportunities, and take this learning home and apply it to the community change work you're passionate about.   

We invite all participants, whether dedicated to climate transitions, poverty reduction, building belonging, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Justice and Reconciliation, youth leadership, or other areas, are encouraged to share their stories, knowledge, and expertise.  The event aims to cultivate five interconnected practices essential for fostering comprehensive community change on local issues of significance.


EngageFest! attendees will: 

  • Explore tools and resources to support deepening connections, fostering inclusion, and shifting power.

  • Learn ways to leverage local knowledge and community assets to transform systems.

  • Walk away with strategies for igniting motivation to sustain collaboratives and nurturing collective efforts.

  • Meet Social Innovators from across Turtle Island and beyond to discover their creative approaches to addressing social inequities and challenges.  

  • Apply learning strategies: Take home practical strategies, tools, guides, and examples to create change and make sustainable impact in your community and initiatives.

  • Celebrate impact: join our vast network of changemakers; hear their community change stories, learn from their challenges, and celebrate their impact!

EngageFest! Learning Journey

Learning doesn't just happen at the gathering itself. Participants will be primed with resources to lay the foundation for success at EngageFest! After the gathering, we will release additional resources in response to the challenges and opportunities we uncover during our time together. 

EngageFest! Learning Journey


meet the Speakers

George Aye

George Aye 2023George co-founded Greater Good Studio in 2011 to use design to heal, be just, and be restorative. George will help us understand the mechanics of power and how to wield it with care as we move forward in our community change efforts.

Louise Adongo

Louise Adongo (2)Louise is a bold and grounded leader with 10+ years' of experience in systems change, policy and evaluation. She is the founder of Caprivian Strip Inc (CSI)   and co-steward with the Transition Bridges Project.

Margaret Wheatley

Margaret WheatleyIn many different roles–speaker, teacher, consultant, advisor, formal leader—Margaret acts from the unshakable conviction that leaders must learn how to invoke people’s inherent generosity, creativity and need for community.

Community is a verb

Consider hosting an in-person meet-up

While EngageFest! is a fully virtual event, we understand the power of coming together in communities and learning alongside each other. That’s why, we encourage Tamarack members and partners to consider hosting an in-person meet-up. Meet-ups are local spaces curated by and for changemakers in the communities they work and help push event learnings deeper. 

pricing & logistics

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For groups of 3+. We recommend attending with a colleague. Learn together to accelerate your impact!

Supported Rate


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Tamarack Member


All members of our Ending Poverty, Building Belonging, Youth Futures & Climate Transitions networks are eligible for free seats - reach out to your Tamarack representative for a code!

Barrier Free Rate


For those with no professional development funding, lived/living experience, students and youth, and any other barrier to participate not listed.

Join us in making our event accessible to all! A donation today will help to support our barrier-free rateFor more information on making a charitable gift to Tamarack, please reach out to Claire Lewis at claire@tamarackcommunity.ca or visit https://www.tamarackcommunity.ca/get-involved 



By becoming a sponsor, you can invest in supporting individuals and communities facing barriers in participating in this valuable learning opportunity. Sponsorship also allows Tamarack to extend support to communities throughout Canada and the US who are facilitating watch parties and community meetups. This not only alleviates financial hurdles for learners and communities but also ensures diverse voices and perspectives are included, a crucial element for fostering impactful change. 

As a sponsor, your brand will be displayed across all conference materials, including our website, virtual event platform, marketing materials, social media channels and across Tamarack’s network of 50,000+ changemakers.