Introduction to Using Theatre for Social Change


November 3 | 1:00 pm -3:30 pm ET | Virtual Workshop




Discover the magic of using theatre to build trust, empathy and

engagement around your community project


Have you heard about using theatre for social change but don’t really understand how it works? Are you struggling to build trust and engagement across your roundtable or community group and in search of a deeper understanding of your issue? Are you looking for new ways to uncover and uplift the voices of people with lived experience in your work?

In this brand new workshop, you’ll learn why theatre is the perfect vehicle for bringing your diverse group of stakeholders together to peel away the layers of the issues you’re working on so that you can focus your time, energy and resources on the areas that matter most.



Participants of this workshop will:


  • •   Learn why embodied approaches to engagement can open up new lines of dialogue across diverse groups of people

  • •    Dive into the fundamental concepts and practices of applied theatre, specifically Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre for Living, and how they can be applied through a social change lens

  •     Get a taste of the magic through guided interactive theatre exercises right from your home


Who This Workshop For:


Workshop team huddle
  Social change makers who want to better understand the multiple perspectives that exist around the issue they’re exploring

Leaders of Collective Impact tables or other multi-sector collaborations looking to build engagement across their team as well as the wider community

Organizations who want to engage those they serve in order to better understand their needs and bring more value to their lives

 Leaders with lived experience who are looking for a new tool to share their experience and level the playing field with those they’re collaborating with

Government leaders who want to engage the community around a complex community issue

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Meet Your Workshop Facilitator

Megan Headshot_Square

We are excited to be partnering with Megan Nimigon from Theatre for Good to bring you this new and innovative workshop. Megan is a theatre artist at heart with a strong passion for creating more resilient and connected communities. With over ten years' experience in the social change sector and having practiced applied theatre both in Canada as well as South Africa and Malawi, Megan offers a unique perspective on how applied theatre tools can be used to create positive change for groups working on complex community challenges. It is her belief that applying theatre in this way can build strong connections and uncover fresh insights into the challenges we face today all while transforming the way we understand ourselves and our relationships with one another, and our world.




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Registration for this session is now open and limited to 60 learners to ensure a dynamic learning experience.


The workshop will take place on Zoom and details about how to join will be sent via email leading up to the workshop. It is encouraged to join the workshop from a private and quiet location and to have the ability to turn your audio and video on in order to participate in the interactive part of the workshop.

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Learn More: 

   Read the article - Putting Art at the Centre of Our Social Change Efforts

•   Visit the Theatre for Good Website

•   Listen to the Theatre for Good Postcast to hear about applied theatre projects that are creating an impact in communities across the world

•   Check out this applied theatre tool as an example of an exercise you might use in your project