Collective Impact 3.0
Designing a Movement for Change


November 29 | Virtual Workshop




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3.5 hour

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Coaching Call
This virtual workshop explores the strategies needed to design your Collective Impact initiative for maximum impact.

Five years after John Kania & Mark Kramer of FSG: Social Impact Consultants launched Collective Impact as a framework for large-scale social change, Tamarack Institute’s Liz Weaver collaborated with Mark Cabaj Tamarack Associate and Founder of Here to There Consulting on the paper Collective Impact 3.0. In this pivotal paper Liz and Mark drew on their own experiences and knowledge of several Collective Impact Initiatives to provide fresh thinking on how application of the Collective Impact framework could be strengthened. A central message of the paper was the need to shift from viewing Collective Impact as a shared management paradigm to a movement-building paradigm that is rooted in a commitment to shared ownership and leadership from both organizational and community leaders.

This virtual workshop explores the strategies needed to design your Collective Impact initiative for maximum impact. Learn about:

  • 1) Key elements of the Collective Impact Framework and when it is the right approach
  • 2) How Collective Impact 3.0 and other insights from a global network of practitioners have contributed to the practice of Collective Impact over the past decade
  • 3) Five strengths of Collective Impact for designing in uncertain times

Participants will be given tools, frameworks, and examples for how to build commitment and co-create a compelling, shared strategy for change that unites diverse partners to effectively navigate in uncertain times. Tamarack values small group interaction and workshop environments.  We are intentionally limiting each virtual workshop to 70 participants to ensure that all participants maximize their learning and connection. 


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Workshop Pre Learning
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Virtual Workshop Session

1-Hour Individual Pre-Learning

Prior to Attending

  • Prepare you for the content within the workshop
  • Includes a self-reflection component where you will be asked to assess the phase of your Collective Impact Initiative

3.5-Hour Virtual Workshop

November 29, 2022 | 1:00pm - 4:30pm ET

  • Includes a 3.5-hour virtual workshop that draws upon lessons from the field to focus on the essential elements to ensure your CI Initiative is designed to navigate uncertain times and be a successful catalyst in building a movement for change.
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Coaching Session

1-Hour Coaching Session with Fellow-Learners

December 13, 2022

  • Deepen your understanding of the workshop content
  • Receive personalized support to translate your knowledge into action

What will Registrants Learn?

The workshop package will be filled with content, stories, and practical tools and take-aways that participants can use. This session offers an opportunity to accelerate the effective implementation of Collective Impact by drawing upon lessons and successes from the field.

Spend the virtual workshop session with Sylvia Cheuy and experience: 

The Power of Leveraging Diverse Perspectives and Championing Equity

Why and how do you engage the diverse wisdom held by both content and context experts? How to make equity the North Star of all Collective Impact work. Participants will be introduced to specific tools to uncover and utilize the richness of diverse perspectives.

How to Galvanize Your Community’s Aspiration 

What does it take to root your CI Initiative’s common agenda within a widely held community aspiration and why does that matter? Learners will discover tools and approaches that engage and align diverse community to lay the groundwork for building a movement and ensure the hope and passion of the community is reflected within your common agenda.

Increasing Capacity to Co-Generate Solutions

Why and how to structure the backbone infrastructure as a “Container of Change” in order to establish the shared governance and leadership needed to mobilize commitment and ownership for a Collective Impact initiative.


Beyond Programs: Aligning on Systems-Change Strategies

Central to Collective Impact 3.0’s “movement-building paradigm” is an explicit emphasis on the importance of intentionally focusing on systems change strategies that move beyond “quick-fix” solutions to address the conditions that contribute an issue. Discover what it means to apply a systems-lens and discover tools to ensure that systems-change strategies are a focus of your CI Initiative. 


The 5 Phases of Collective Impact

Discover the four pillars of success of all CI Initiatives, how they evolve as a Collective Impact effort matures, and what this means for the planning and implementation of the CI Framework.



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Single Registration

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Group Registration


CEP, CDC & CBYF Member Registration



Registration is now open and is limited to 70 learners. Participants will be sent a pre-workshop package ahead of the workshop. Zoom meeting details will be sent in advance. The registration rate includes the pre-workshop package, the 3.5 hour virtual workshop and a one-hour post-workshop small group coaching session. It also includes membership into Tamarack Institute's Learning community.


Post-workshop, participants will be invited to register for a post-event coaching session. At this interactive session, small groups of workshop participants will be encouraged to share their emerging questions and receive further support in translating the workshop’s learning into action.


Can’t attend the workshop, but love the content? Get in touch with Duncan to learn more about how you can bring a custom version of this workshop to your organization or collaborative.


The Paul Born Be A Light Scholarship Fund

We want everyone to learn how to improve their community! To ensure this, Tamarack supports low-income learners through the Paul Born Be a Light Fund. Please fill out this form or reach out to Duncan if you would like to apply for a scholarship. Learn how you can donate to the Paul Born Be A Light Fund and get a charitable receipt.

Please contact Duncan if you have any questions or concerns. 



Meet Your Workshop Facilitator

Sylvia Cheuy

Sylvia Cheuy Square

Sylvia Cheuy is the Consulting Director of Collective Impact with the Tamarack Institute’s Learning Centre. She has spent more than 20 years as a changemaker and champions of multi-sector, citizen-led change efforts and is inspired by the capacity of communities to innovate and advance creative solutions to their most pressing issues. Sylvia first came to Tamarack as a learner when she served as the founding Executive Director of Headwaters Communities in Action (HCIA), a grassroots citizen initiative that fosters collaborative leadership and action in support of a long-term vision of wellbeing for Ontario's Headwaters region. This has given her both practical knowledge and first-hand experience in the work of community and systems change using the framework of Collective Impact.

Sylvia has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and completed her Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation at the University of Waterloo in 2013 where she explored opportunities to create change within regional food systems. She is a skilled and seasoned community change facilitator whose work has included designing and delivering capacity-building sessions, both in person and virtually, to clients across North America as well as in Singapore, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Learn more about Sylvia

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