Tamarack Institute Webinar 

Using the Accessibility Matrix
to Improve Service Navigation for Youth

September 25, 2024 | 1:00-2:00 PM ET 



In communities across Canada, service navigation or system navigation has been identified as a barrier for youth success. Improving system navigation has the potential to address multiple interrelated gaps in social service systems and increase youth wellbeing, civic engagement, and academic and employment success.

However, not all service navigation tools are relevant to all communities and problems. Every community is unique, which means different strategies are needed in different contexts. One community may benefit from a service navigation strategy that would fail youth in another community.

We can improve service navigation by examining the specific barriers that exist and connecting them with strategies that communities can use to successfully address these barriers.

In this webinar we will share:

  • The latest research into the key barriers facing youth in accessing supports
  • How the Accessibility Matrix can be used to learn about the barriers in your own community
  • The range of strategies that can be used to improve service navigation matched to each barrier


While this webinar is focused on improving service navigation for youth, the lessons learned are relevant across demographics.


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Lisa Attygalle, Consulting Director, Community Engagement, Tamarack InstituteLisa Attygalle

In her role at Tamarack, Lisa works with cities, organizations, collaboratives, and funders to build meaningful community-engaged processes. Over the last ten years, her work has focused on creating authentic engagement strategies and training staff teams, teaching and writing about innovative engagement methodologies, and facilitating collaborative processes to make decisions and work together to solve our most pressing issues. She cares deeply about shifting power, extending trust, and bring creativity to community change work. Lisa advocates for simplicity in structures, frameworks, and design and loves integrating arts-based practices in community initiatives.

Lisa comes to this work from the private sector where she worked at one of Canada's leading communications firms with clients in agribusiness, healthcare, financial services and technology. Hailing from Australia, Lisa also worked on major water infrastructure projects as the liaison between municipal government, engineering and the community.

Lisa’s other titles include Artist, Wife and Mum. On the side, Lisa is one of ten owners of Seven Shores Community Café in Waterloo, ON.


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