Transforming Communities Through Resident Leadership: Lessons from Healthier Together

Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2020 | 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET

Speakers: Pat McNamara, Abby Goodwin and Sylvia Cheuy

“Working with complexity is the new norm for working in human systems. If you are not willing to embrace adaptability, you are doing a disservice to the people you are working with.”

- Patrick McNamara, Palm Health Foundation President and CEO


Healthier Together was an initiative launched by Palm Health Foundation in 2014. It was designed as a bold experiment to support community-led solutions to improve long-standing health disparities in diabetes, behavioural health and family caregiving in six communities in Palm Beach Florida. Healthier Together puts residents at the centre of developing solutions based on their own needs and supports their leadership to solve their community’s most complex health issues.

Five years later, a report summarizing Healthier Together’s Learning Journey so far was published earlier this year. A Shared Purpose – Transforming Communities Through the Social Determinants of Health: Lessons Learned from the First Five Years offers an honest and insightful look at the impact, successes, challenges and fears that emerged as those involved – funders, residents, community organizations and institutions – learned to embrace the complexity and messiness of co-creating a fundamentally new approach to transforming communities.

Join Sylvia Cheuy as she welcomes Pat McNamara, President and CEO and Abby Goodwin, Vice President of Grants and Community Investments with the Palm Health Foundation to share key learnings and insights about this unique approach to supporting residents to lead community change efforts that are addressing the complex social factors that impact health while investing in the creation of trusted local networks that help ensure this change will continue and grow.

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