Tamarack Institute Webinar 

The Role of Communities
in Advancing Quality of Life

July 10, 2024 | 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET 



Governments around the world have taken important steps to better understand and improve well-being, moving beyond economic measures of success to capture a broad range of domains. In 2021, the Government of Canada released “Measuring what Matters: Toward a Quality of Life Strategy for Canada,” which introduced Canada’s Quality of Life Framework. 

Since its release, Canada’s Quality of Life Framework has been used to assess the impact of Canada’s budget measures across 84 indicators in five domains: prosperity, health, society, environment, and good governance. In 2024, the Government of Canada deepened its commitment to the Quality of Life Framework by embedding it into each of its Departmental Plans. 

Tamarack is working to understand how the Quality of Life Framework can be used as a way to demonstrate the impact that community collaboratives have well beyond their initial outcomes focus and across the 84 indicators. 

In this webinar, Tamarack and Statistics Canada will review the Quality of Life Framework, efforts from Statistics Canada to advance tracking and reporting on its indicators, and ways that communities are contributing to the well-being of Canadians.



Bill Yang (he/him), Research Analyst, Centre for Social Data Insights and Innovation, Statistics Canada

Bill Yang is a Research Analyst within the Centre for Social Data Insights and Innovation at Statistics Canada. Bill is involved in the development of the Quality of Life Framework and the Quality of Life Hub, initiatives aimed at measuring and improving the well-being of Canadians. He is passionate about making data accessible and understandable to a broad audience, ensuring that insights are not only data-driven but also impactful. He holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Calgary.

Craig Joyce (he/him), Acting Chief, Centre for Social Data Insights and Innovation, Statistics Canada

Craig Joyce is currently an acting Chief within the Centre for Social Data Insights and Innovation at Statistics Canada, which is responsible for the Quality of Life Statistics Program, providing key insights into the well-being of Canadians across five domains of life to inform budgeting and decision-making at the federal level in Canada. He was previously a senior advisor within the Department of Finance, contributing to the development of the federal Quality of Life Framework, and its integration into the federal budget-making process (beginning in 2021).

He has a particular interest in subjective well-being and its uses for policy, including with respect to budgeting/priority setting, program evaluation and public reporting. Prior to his role at the Department of Finance, he held positions at the Privy Council Office and the Public Health Agency of Canada in the area of healthy living and chronic disease prevention. He holds a Master of Public Administration, and a Master of Library and Information Studies, both from Dalhousie University.

Heather Keam (she/her), Director, Asset-Based Community Development and Belonging, Tamarack Instituteheather

Heather works with municipalities and organizations to build strategies that put people at the center using Asset-Based Community Development. With over 22 years of experience in community development, she uses an ABCD approach to center people and belonging in the development of community plans and strategies through coaching and training staff teams, facilitation, and writing about ABCD and Belonging.

She has a passion for the power of people and believes that people and communities are the solutions to local problems. She believes that we need to build a sense of community belonging so that people are connected to their community, and their place within it and get involved in decision-making.  She also believes that municipalities need to shift the way they show up in community from doing “for” to supporting communities to do themselves.  

Prachir Pasricha (he/him), Manager of Communities, Community Climate Transitions and Communities Building Belonging, Tamarack Instituteprachir

Prachir’s longstanding belief that the climate crisis and the crisis of disconnection are intimately intertwined is the thread that ties together his experiences and informs his work as a Manager of Communities with Communities Building Belonging and Community Climate Transitions at Tamarack.

From scaling a social infrastructure initiative across Canada to building the social solidarity economy in Montreal, Prachir has always been drawn towards solutions that create both a more relational and sustainable way of life. Prachir holds a Bachelor’s degree in Honours Business Administration from Western University in London, Ontario.


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