Taking Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) to Every Neighbourhood

Date: February 21, 2018 | 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST

Speakers: Howard Lawrence, Karen Wilk and Chantile Shannon

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Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) is an empowering strengths-focused approach to community work that is transforming the way we interact with community members and is revaluing the assets that each individual has to offer. But, despite the desire to move toward ABCD, making this paradigm shift calls for a dramatic change in the way we think, do, and invest.

This webinar is the third in a four-part series exploring how community development practitioners can apply ABCD in real life situations - from theory to practice - and now focusing on lessons emerging from the local level. On February 21st, join Howard Lawrence, Karen Wilk and Chantile Shannon to learn about Abundant Community Edmonton and their experience implementing ABCD in neighbourhoods throughout the city. 



Howard Lawrence, Asset-Based Neighbourhood Organizing Association

Howard is co-founder of the Asset-Based Neighbourhood Organizing Association with John McKnight. He is also on the Board of Abundant Community Initiative Canada, consults on neighbourhood health across North America, and is currently working with The City of Edmonton and Abundant Community Edmonton. 

Howard has a passion for grassroots neighbourhood engagement and continues to work collaboratively with ABCD Institute, The City of Edmonton and others, to find ways to enable people to build neighbourly relationships and increase their collective capacity within their neighbourhoods.


Karen_wilk-028701-edited.jpgKaren Wilk, Abundant Communities Edmonton

Karen is a Neighbourhood Connector/Animator. She has been deeply engaged in neighbourhood life for decades and has been instrumental in the development of ACE (Abundant Community Edmonton) as a practitioner in her own neighbourhood and an academic. She is also currently President of her Community League and has been a significant resource in helping her community shift towards the principles of ABCD at the neighbour to neighbour, block to block level. 

Karen completed her doctoral studies exploring the role of the neighbouring relationship in human flourishing. Karen teaches on themes from neighbouring and community development across the US and Canada.


chantile shannon-804348-edited-905176-edited.jpgChantile Shannon, City of Edmonton

Chantile is a passionate believer in the power and value of people working together. Born and raised in Regina with strong connections to small rural hamlets, she knows first hand the possibilities that can emerge from communities that care about each other, no matter how small. She spent the first years of her career working in the health system and for the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation and Saskatchewan Community Resources. She moved to Edmonton in 2007 when she started working for the City of Edmonton. During her career, Chantile has managed a range of responsibilities - from social housing programs to domestic violence homicide prevention to urban forestry and parks operations. 

Chantile is now Director of Neighbourhood Services, which is home to a team of community development professionals that work directly with neighbourhood leaders, supporting them to host neighbourhood events, care for one another, offer programs and build local amenities like playgrounds and community gardens. She enjoys and learns from everything she does, but has a special spot in her heart for community development.


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