Tamarack Board of Directors Webinar Series

Streamed live on November 4th, 11th, and 19th

Explore this new webinar series that profiles Tamarack Institute's board members. Each webinar in the series featured several board members as they discussed how they're working to advance community change in different ways.

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Webinar 1: Innovation and Leadership

Streamed live on November 4, 2020 

With Shauna Sylvester, Brock Carlton, and Bill Young

Shauna, Brock and Bill are an impressive executive team leading the Tamarack Board of Directors. This lively conversation focused on investing in innovation and leadership to drive community change forward.

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Webinar 2: Poverty Perspectives

Streamed live on November 11, 2020

With Kerry Nolan and Kate Gunn

Kerry and Kate have been involved in leading anti poverty work initiatives in Peel Region, Whitehorse and Edmonton. Learn from their on-the-ground leadership experiences about what it takes to move the needle on poverty. They discussed the importance of building a cross-Canadian learning community and working toward ending poverty in Canada.

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Webinar 3:Climate Change Champions

Streamed live on November 19, 2020 

With Lori Hewson, Mary Pickering, and Ana Gonzalez Guerrero

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet. Lori, Mary and Ana bring unique perspectives to the climate challenge. Investing in community capacity to address climate challenges, Lori understands the important role of philanthropy to drive capacity. Mary and Ana are at the forefront of rallying diverse community partners to engage in purposeful action.

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