Tamarack Institute Webinar 

Co-Designing Employment Journeys with Refugee Youth:
The Youth In Design Project

May 22, 2024 | 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET 



In 2023, World Education Services (WES) embarked on a groundbreaking pilot initiative, collaborating with refugee youth across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Join us for this conversation on transformative collaboration as we unpack the insights from the Youth in Design Pilot.

According to WES’ 2023 report on Immigrant Youth in Canada’s Labour Market, many programs that aim to help refugee youth in their employment journeys are struggling to meet their targets and achieve their intended impact. To address this gap, WES joined forces with refugee youth and the organizations that support them to provide youth with the knowledge, skills, and tools to amplify their voices and ensure their meaningful involvement in co-designing new programs.

In this webinar, we will explore the importance of employing an authentic co-design approach when working with refugee youth, ensuring resonance with their unique experiences. We will also discuss the significance of skill enhancement before participation in the co-design process, contributing to more effective and impactful collaboration, as well as how the design of the pilot was informed by the equitable partnership framework, emphasizing fairness and inclusivity. Together, our panel will share strategies for supporting a flexible and adaptive design process that remains responsive to the evolving needs of participants.

Join us for an engaging discussion about the learnings from Youth in Design Pilot, highlighting the power of inclusive co-design in shaping more effective, impactful, and inclusive programs.


Ousama-AlkhatibOusama Alkhatib (he/they), Manager, Youth Initiatives, World Education Services

Ousama Alkhatib is the Manager of Youth Initiatives for World Education Services. He has extensive experience working with and engaging young newcomers. He has invested much time and work in supporting and co-creating spaces for his peers from different marginalized communities. For example, he worked for the Syrian Canadian Foundation as a program manager. He was an academic counselor and office manager at Mericler: Education without Borders and is a motivational speaker at high schools and community spaces. He also worked as youth mentor with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto branch. He understands the importance and power of meaningful involvement and meaningful representation of community members at programs’ design tables and in decision making.

Bahir Bakhit, Youth Representative, Youth in Design PilotBahir-Bakhit

Bahir Bakhit is a youth representative from the Youth in Design pilot (YID), currently a physician assistant by profession after immigrating to Canada as an Internationally Trained Physician two years ago. For the past years Bahir participated in multiple roles sharing his living experience, including being a speaker at the 26th Metropolis Canada Conference, a staff member within The Neighborhood Organization, community services department, a certified soft skills Trainer with nearly 250 hours of training experience, and as a ⁠volunteer progress tracker with Breast Cancer Canada.

Sonja Miokovic (she/her), Consulting Director of Community Innovation, Tamarack InstituteSonja Headshot Square

Sonja is the Consulting Director of the Tamarack Institutes’s Community Innovation Area. She is a dynamic educator, social scientist, and innovator with over 16 years of experience in the sector. Having lived, worked, and played in over 80 countries, she has a broad spectrum of international experience that cuts across the public, private and civil society sectors.


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