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Workshop Descriptions

Equity Indicators Framework as a tool for changemakers 

April 26, 12:30 pm - 2:15 pm ET

This workshop will provide tools participants can use to evaluate where their organization stands on a number of measures. The tool shifts how we think of organizations and provides examples to help identify where to take steps toward equity. During the session, two of the Anti-Racism Network's educators (Becky Sasakamoose-Kuffner and Sharissa Hantke) will teach about the framework's categories and provide guidance for applying it.


Rissy Hantke Follow me on LinkedIn

Facilitation and Curriculum Developer
Anti-Racism Network

Becky Kuffner Follow me on LinkedIn

Cultural Diversity and Race Relations Consultant
City of Saskatoon

Using ABCD to build a sense of belonging can build strong and viable neighbourhoods 

April 26, 12:30 pm - 2:15 pm ET

Focusing on the strengths and assets of those who live in our neighbourhoods builds a sense of belonging that can help to reduce poverty. Join Tamarack’s Deepening Community team as we look at a strength-based way to build a sense of belonging and put people at the centre of reducing poverty. In the workshop we will talk about Asset Based Community Development, put theory into practice with tools and stories from neighborhoods who are building community plans.  


Heather Keam Follow me on LinkedIn

Associate Director, Cities Deepening Community
Tamarack Institute

Inclusive and equitable approaches to climate resilience 

April 26, 12:30 pm - 2:15 pm ET

This workshop will explore the intersections of poverty reduction and climate resilience, as well as ways to ensure that populations that are most vulnerable to extreme weather events are at the center of adaptation and emergency response efforts.  


Laura Schnurr Follow me on LinkedIn

Director, Climate Transitions
Tamarack Institute

The non-profit pivot: strengthening capacity for uncertain times 

April 26, 2:45 pm -4:30 pm ET

Non-profit organizations are foundational to the overall health and well-being of communities. Yet, recent times have been tough. Increased demand for services have coupled with the need to pivot quickly to provide services in new ways, along with limited resources, high staff turnover, and increased barriers to service delivery. How to carry on, to find hope and inspiration, as well as resources to keep on going? Join panelists for an important discussion on key lessons, strategies and innovations.   


Zahra Esmail Follow me on LinkedIn

CEO / Chair
Vantage Point / BC Poverty Reduction Advisory Committee

Terry Brock Follow me on LinkedIn

Director of Health Services
Lookout Housing and Health Society

Emele Neufeld Follow me on LinkedIn

Indigenous Liaison
Rural Development Network

A new funder perspective: shifting models to empower change

April 26, 2:45 pm -4:30 pm ET

At Tamarack, we know that to effect long-term positive change, everyone needs to be involved. This workshop will explore how funding models are changing to be more responsive to the needs and priorities of communities and organizations, and how funders can function as ‘agents of change’ for a better future for all.



Myriam Berube Follow me on LinkedIn

Consulting Director, Québec
Tamarack Institute

Dara Parker  Follow me on LinkedIn

VP Grants and Community Initiatives
Vancouver Foundation

Rotem Ayalon Follow me on LinkedIn

Director, Collective Impact Project
Centraide du Grand Montréal

Gladys Ahovi Follow me on LinkedIn

CEO & President
Foundation for Black Communities

Building Resilient Communities Through Inclusive Business Practices

April 26, 2:45 pm - 4:30 pm ET

This workshop will explore inclusive business practices including community benefits, social purpose, and employee-owned business models. Using real-life application examples, we will learn how these can benefit employees, employers, and communities at large. We will identify challenges to their implementation and will generate ideas to increase their adoption and scale their impact.


Derek Cook Follow me on LinkedIn

Canadian Poverty Institute

Souleik Kheyre Follow me on LinkedIn

Policy Development Officer
Community Benefits Unit, City of Toronto

Rachel Dick Follow me on LinkedIn

Senior Manager, Social Purpose Business Innovation
Coast Capital Savings

Empowering youth leaders in community changemaking 

April 27, 12:15 pm - 2:00 pm ET

Strengthening the capacity of youth is critical to co-generating impactful, systemic change. This workshop will engage three youth leaders from the CBYF/CEP communities and will explore lessons learned, successes, and how they have supported youth in becoming agents of change.  


Karenveer Pannu Follow me on LinkedIn

Community Animator, Participatory Grantmaking
Building Youth Futures, Tamarack Institute

Jodie Konior Follow me on LinkedIn

Project Coordinator
Communities Building Youth Futures Oxford County Initiative

Clairice Tuckanow Follow me on LinkedIn

Youth Engagement Coordinator
Communities Building Youth Futures Regina

Hale Ferguson Follow me on LinkedIn

Youth Engagement Coordinator
Prince Edward County

Community resilience and the social role of local government  

April 27, 12:15 pm - 2:00 pm ET

As communities face increasingly complex social challenges, local governments face a call to action. A community-wide mandate and overarching vision provide an opportunity to lead and work better together with others as communities pivot to address influential factors and experiences. This workshop brings together different perspectives to explore how local governments can best propel social change. 


Lisa Helps Follow me on LinkedIn

Former Mayor of Victoria, BC, and Current Housing Solutions Advisor in the BC Premier’s Office
BC Builds

Melanie Burner Follow me on LinkedIn

Program Manager, Social Development
City of Richmond

Meaghon Reid Follow me on LinkedIn

Executive Director
Vibrant Communities Calgary
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