Social Innovation: Exploring Impact Investing as an Alternate Means of Financing

Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2017 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. EDT

Featured Speaker: Yassaman Nouri

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Over the past few decades, social finance has played a key role in scaling the work of organizations in local and global communities. In this webinar, we will identify how social finance fits under the larger umbrella of the finance industry and highlight key players that make up the supply and demand sides of the social finance ecosystem. We will then walk through how alternative sources and forms of finance have helped organizations scale their impact, with a particular  focus on impact investing. We will conclude by sharing tools and resources to help you identify types and sources of funding that may be the right fit for your project or organization, and provide examples of players in the Canadian ecosystem that may offer these types of funds.


Yassaman Nouri

yassaman nouri.jpgYassaman is a UBC BComm Finance graduate and a recipient of Queen Elizabeth’s Queen Jubilee medal for contributions that positively impacted communities domestically and internationally. She is originally from Tehran, raised in Vancouver and has worked in Iran, UK, China, Malawi, Tajikistan and Canada in diverse sectors including post-secondary education, international trade, international development, social entrepreneurship, impact investing, credit unions, non-profits, management consulting and government organizations.

Yassaman has had the privilege of contributing to organizations of all sizes from one-person-start-ups, to large global firms, on projects that range from strategy development to implementation and operation.

Yassaman currently serves on the community wealth board of Options for Homes as well as helping the Hamilton Community Foundation with their pilot impact measurement project. She teaches various courses related to social impact through Social Enterprise Institute, such as "How to use Systems Thinking to solve social problems", "How to use storytelling to connect to stakeholders", and "Tips and tools on building local and global impact communities".


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