Seeing Youth Voices



Eddy Charlie


Eddie Charlie


"My name is Eddy Charlie and I am a survivor of the Kuper Island Residential School. I quit drinking about 25 years ago, and for the first time, I had an opportunity to look at that past that I walked, and I tried to start understanding why I changed and how the effects of residential schools changed my family members and the people in my community."


My community will look like listening to survivors of residential schools. It will look like accountability.


EJ Weston, Age 20 | Langford, BC

My Favourite Tree - Ana W.


My Favourite Tree


I pass by this tree every day but this particular contrast of colour made me stop a few days into 2020. Or maybe it was the juxtaposition of light and dark, fear and hope, despair and beauty. Regardless, here's to hoping by 2030 my favourite tree still stands.

By: Anna Wansbrough, Age 28 | Dartmouth, NS

Zero_Waste_Everything - Cassidy McAuliffe


Zero Waste Everything


In 2030, we will have greatly reduced our waste because zero-waste stores and products will be the new normal.


By: Cassidy McAullife, Age 26 | Sudbury, ON

Community Teamwork


Community Teamwork


My community will work together as a team to achieve goals that will make the community a better place in the future!

By: Ken Hagen, Age 23 | Kelowna, BC



Like Oceans, We Rise - Mika S


Like Oceans, We Rise


If current issues, such as climate change, continue to impede the future of children, I believe the youth of 2030 will also rise up to challenge those in power.


By: Mika Soetaert, Age 18 | London, ON

Shy and Timid - Jakob Boulb


Shy and Timid 


The new generation is becoming more kept to themselves and it will become more like that in the future.


By: Jakob Boulb, Age 18 | Olney, IL

Waves Crashing over Erieau Pier - Dalton Loveday


Waves Crashing Over Erieau Pier


Waves crashing over the Erieau pier. Rising water levels combined with stronger storms will likely cause more shoreline erosion through the year 2030.


By: Dalton Loveday, Blenheim, ON | Age 25

My 2030_ Efficient Transportation and Less Waste - Ash H 1


My 2030: Efficient Transportation and Less Waste 


While we tend to only highlight negatives, we should acknowledge the progress we've made to stay ambitious for the future ahead of us.


By: Ash Hashemi, Burlington ON | Age 19

Daniel Sullivan - Forest Green


Forest Green


Deforestation seeks to remove the lush greenery that surrounds our communities. In 10 years’ time, I hope to continue capturing their essence.


By: Daniel Sullivan, Age 23 | Portage la Prairie, MB

Citizen Science - Cassidy McAuliffe


Citizen Science


Families participate in the many free local citizen science activities, to learn, monitor and help the local ecosystem adapt to climate change impacts.


By: Cassidy McAullife, Age 26 | Sudbury, ON.