Communications Strategy 101.2: Delivering your Winning Position to the Market 

Date: Wednesday April 11, 2018 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

The second webinar in the communications planning series will focus on the key elements of building an effective and impactful communications plan. Lindsay Sage, co-founder of sagecomm, will discuss the development of compelling issue positions and the key considerations, channels and tactics to deliver your messages to the market. Lindsay will share lessons learned in strategy development and practical and tactical tips/tricks to deliver effective campaigns about challenging issues and within modest budgets. The webinar will also incorporate relevant examples from community change efforts, the engagement of stakeholders to maximize impact, and the lessons learned from these projects.




Lindsay Sage

Lindsay Sage.jpg

sagecomm specializes in brand, product and issue positioning for brands and causes across North America. Lindsay’s passions are strategy and storytelling and her day to day work focuses on the facilitation of strategic plans, solutions and stories that build powerful, authentic brands. Lindsay takes great pride sagecomm’s long-term client relationships and community partnerships. She is energized by helping clients create powerful narratives to build connections to audiences and communities in new and remarkable ways.


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