The Path to Ontario Health Teams: Making the “Possible” Possible in Bogotá, Colombia

September 3, 2019. 4:00 - 5:00p.m. EDT 


Learn about the dramatically different and effective approach to the collaborative reimagining and redesigning of an integrated health system in Bogotá, Colombia whereby, in 2015, a group of 35 healthcare organizations decided to work together to radically improve care and health outcomes for 1.3 million people for $500 USD per person per year. Consider how this example of success, driven by community-based services, can inform the co-creation of OHTs.


Learning Goals: 

  • Learn about dramatically different approaches to the collaborative re-imagining and redesigning of an integrated health system in Colombia
  • Explore core design elements and principles that view trust, aligned incentives and community-based services as the main drivers of an integrated network
  • Consider how this experience should inform the creation of Ontario Health Teams that could exceed current expectations around the Quadruple Aim 



Group Registrations:

Due to space limitations, we encourage one registration per organization. If a number of people from your organization wish to participate in the webinar, please consider gathering together to do so.     


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