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Human-Centred Design for Community Change

Winnipeg, MB | October 23, 2018
Guelph, ON | October 26, 2018

This workshop will provide participants with simple, practical tools and approaches to put human-centred design theory into practice in their own community change initiatives.

Human-Centred Design and Design Thinking are rapidly rising as tools for innovation across the public, private, and voluntary sector. How can community changemakers use these exciting approaches to strengthen and deepen their work? In this full-day, interactive, and engaging workshop, Galen MacLusky, Tamarack’s Director of Community Innovation will share the theory behind these methods, practical ways to put theory into practice, and help participants get hands-on experience with some of the most helpful tools that these approaches offer.

What Will I Learn?

Through a mix of engaging presentations, peer learning, and interactive exercises, you will learn how to:

  • Learn from residents: We will provide tools and approaches for engaging community members to identify the barriers they face and create bold visions for the future 

  • Develop innovative ideas: We will provide tools to spark creative, community-led approaches to the challenges that communities face.

  • Build and test new programs, services, and approaches: We will provide tools to help you test new approaches and work with community to ensure that they deliver the right impact.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is designed for people who are seeking how to work with communities to create social change. It is for anyone in the private, public, or voluntary sectors who:

  • Leads or manages programs (including their development and ongoing implementation), organizations, or community engagement activities

  • Is interested in driving community change or a social good

  • Is seeking new approaches to addressing social challenges

Design Thinking is messy, ambiguous, chaotic, intuitive, and disruptive, but it is a practice that can be learned. Design Thinking approaches will help you generate new and valuable solutions to your most pressing challenges.


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Galen MacLusky

Galen is a Consulting Director of the Tamarack Institute’s Community Innovation Idea Area. He is passionate about working with community organizations to help build and scale new ideas that deepen their impact. An experienced design, innovation, and co-creation consultant, at the core of his work are approaches that help organizations engage with those who are impacted by their services and test new programs and services with minimal investment. Over the past five years, Galen has used these approaches to help Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations across North America reinvent the services and programs they provide. Galen is an experienced human-centred design coach and holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Design and Innovation from Northwestern University.

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Winnipeg, MB - October 23, 2018

Robert A Steen Community Club” 980 Palmerston Ave, Winnipeg, MB

Guelph, ON - October 26, 2018

10 Carden - 42 Carden Street, Guelph, ON 


Registration will open at 8:30am where coffee and tea will be served. The workshop begins at 9:00am and runs until 4:00pm, with lunch and snacks provided.

Bring this workshop to you!

Can’t attend the workshop in Winnipeg, but love the content? Get in touch with Stephanie about bringing this workshop to your hometown. 


$259 for single registration

The registration rate includes a full day workshop, practical exercises and a membership into Tamarack Institute's Learning community. Also enjoy a great lunch and fellowship with amazing community and civic leaders.


Galen has written and presented extensively about Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking, and community change. To get a taste of what’s in store during this full-day workshop, check out the following resources:

WEBINAR | Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking, and Community Change

PAPER | An Overview of Community Innovation Trends Part 1: Design-Based Approaches


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Winnipeg, MB - October 23, 2018

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Guelph, ON - October 26, 2018

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