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Community shapes our identity, quenches our thirst for belonging, and bolsters our physical, mental, emotional, and economic health. But in the chaos of modern life, community ties have become unraveled, leaving many feeling afraid or alone in the crowd, grasping at shallow substitutes for true community.

In this thoughtful and moving book, Paul Born describes the four pillars of deep community: sharing our stories, taking the time to enjoy one another, taking care of one another, and working together for a better world. 

It’s up to us to create community. Born shows that the opportunity is right in front of us if we have the courage and conviction to pursue it.

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As we have been exploring the potential of community, we wanted to engage the creativity and thoughts of youth and so asked them to read this book and create a song/rap reflecting its key themes. View the short version above, and if you want to explore more deeply view the long version here. Enjoy!

Awarded 1st Place

This video was awarded First Place in the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations PLURAL+ International Jury in the 13-17 age category 

The video was also awarded First Place at Bethel College USA - Cornelius Kahn Multimedia Award for High School Students.

“Deepening community is essential to building healthy societies. Paul Born understands this principle and knows how to put it into practice. His book is an essential resource for everyone who wants to contribute to bringing forth better futures.”

—Adam Kahane, Partner, Reos Partners, and author of Solving Tough Problems, Power and Love, and Transformative Scenario Planning

“There is no one writing today who understands more about community: what we miss when we don't have it, why we long for it, how to build it, and the rewards that it brings. Paul Born speaks to all of us in this book, at once touching our hearts and giving us the encouragement and the tools we need to change how we live in relation to those around us.”

—Dr. Frances Westley, cofounder of SIG (Social Innovation Generation), University of Waterloo, and coauthor of Getting to Maybe: How the World is Changed

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