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Connecting 'Hard to Reach' Communities: 
David Hannah SquareA Community Engagement Thought-Leader Series

Tamarack is excited to present a special one-day workshop with David Hanna, a leading New Zealand Community-Led Development practitioner and National Coordinator, Inspiring Communities, along with Liz Weaver and Lisa Attygalle of the Tamarack Institute to learn core principles and innovative practices to engage hard to reach communities. 

Impactful community change efforts require us to connect with all citizens.  Most places have citizens who are identified as ‘harder to reach’.  How do community change leaders meaningfully engage this part of our communities?  David Hanna, National Coordinator, Inspiring Communities, New Zealand and Director, Wesley Community Action will share his experience working with and engaging diverse communities including gang families, individuals with the lived experience of poverty, socially isolated seniors and indigenous communities across New Zealand.  In this engaging and interactive workshop, learn the principles of community-led development that are central to the Inspiring Communities approach and support engaging all members of communities.

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David Hanna will bring his experience in Community-Led Development to two Canadian Cities

David Hanna is a fourth generation Pākehā, a partner in a civil union, a father of four children, a Director of Social Change/Service Organization (Wesley Community Action) and National Coordinator of Inspiring Communities. 

He has worked as a national NGO youth director, a policy manager in Central Government, a consultant on youth development, a trainer in policy analysis and now a director.  Key themes across his activities are bicultural/Treaty of Waitangi perspectives, systemic/holistic action/thinking, positive child and youth development and grounding what we do in an authentic spirituality. 

David is currently working in dual roles with Inspiring Communities in New Zealand and as the Director of Wesley Community Action.


Watch as Inspiring Communities speaks with practitioners about what Community-Led Development means to them and their work

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Community Engagement is a foundational practice of community change. The knowledge, passion and capabilities of ordinary people are a rich, often untapped, source of innovation and a much-needed resource to implement promising solutions to our toughest community issues.   This workshop will focus on engaging those from ‘hard to engage’ populations to truly hear all voices in the practice of community change. 

Register now for this one-day workshop with David Hanna, along with Liz Weaver and Lisa Attygalle of the Tamarack Institute, so that you can design and lead efforts to explore community-led development, citizen engagement and leadership to translate promising local ideas into reality.

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What Will I Learn?

Through a mix of engaging presentations, peer learning opportunities, and interactive exercises, you will learn about the practice of Community-Led Development in New Zealand.  Community-Led Development (CLD) happens when a community comes together to achieve a shared vision. 

CLD is a planning and development approach that:
  • is based on a set of core principles that sets vision and priorities by the people who live in that geographic community

  • puts local voices in the lead

  • builds on local strengths (rather than focusing on problems)

  • collaborates across sectors

  • is intentional and adaptable

  • works to achieve systemic change, not just short-term projects

Inspiring Communities has developed a unique CLD framework that weaves together all elements of a community to drive change forward. This workshop will explore how Community-Led Development, community engagement and the work of Inspiring Communities have intersected to create community solutions for all. 


This Workshop is for:

  • Municipal Leaders – Municipal staff and elected officials who are seeking more meaningful engagement of residents and those most impacted by issues in the generation of new solutions

  • Citizen Leaders – Leaders of neighbourhood associations and those championing neighbourhood strategies

  • Social Innovators & Community Changemakers – Practitioners who want to more fully embed authentic community-led development and engagement practices into their approach to addressing tough and/or emerging issues.

  • Leaders of NGOs & Community Organizations – Staff who are involved in cross-sector collaborations focused on innovation & systems change

  • Collective Impact Backbone Leaders – Anyone in a leadership role in the design and implementation of a Collective Impact initiative

  • Policy-makers, Researchers & Funders – Those who want to strengthen citizen engagement in their own work and are wanting to invest in efforts to strengthen the civic capacity of individuals and communities.

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"Community-Led Development principles influence HOW things happen and WHO’s involved. They can be applied to enable creation of new community plans but also to the delivery of diverse projects like skate parks, clean rivers, pedestrian crossings and warmer homes. Working in community-led ways brings confidence and empowerment for people, groups and communities. And it means improved relationships, wider engagement and genuine co-creation in positive projects, services and processes that matter locally. Evidence that our collaborative capacity and competency has expanded massively; that we can work together to achieve the kind of community that we want."

Inspiring Communities


Featured Thought-Leader: David Hanna
David Hannah Square

David Hanna brings more than 20 years of experience facilitating community-led development and collaborative processes in New Zealand that have engaged advocates and adversaries; citizens and corporations; champions and the disengaged.  His work focuses on the toughest and most complex projects including working with gang families, those experiencing homelessness and addictions, seniors and vulnerable populations.  His work is embedded in an intercultural perspective and he has worked with Maori leaders across Aoetearoa New Zealand.  David’s experience as a non-profit leader, community member and national director for Inspiring Communities brings a wealth of perspectives about how to scale change at the local community and national levels. 


Liz Weaver

Liz Weaver 1

Edmonton Workshop

Liz is passionate about the power and potential of communities getting to impact on complex issues. Liz is Tamarack’s Co-CEO and Strategic Lead. In this role she provides strategic direction to the organization and leads many of its key learning activities including Collective Impact capacity building services for the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Liz is one of Tamarack's highly regarded trainers and has developed and delivered curriculum on a variety of workshop topics including collaborative governance, leadership, Collective Impact, Community Innovation, influencing policy change and social media for impact and engagement.

Prior to this role, Liz led the Vibrant Communities Canada team and assisted place-based collaborative tables to develop their frameworks of change, supported and guided their projects and helped connect them to Vibrant Communities and other comprehensive community collaborations.


Lisa Attygalle


Toronto Workshop

In her role at Tamarack, Lisa works with cities and organizations to help them meaningfully engage their communities. Over the last six years her work has focused on creating authentic engagement strategies and training staff teams, teaching and writing about innovative engagement methodologies, designing and facilitating workshops with a focus on raising the voice of the context expert, integrated communications planning, and the use of technology and creativity for engagement. Lisa advocates for simplicity in infrastructure, frameworks and design and loves applying the principles of marketing, advertising, loyalty, and user experience to community initiatives.

Lisa comes to this work from the private sector where she worked at one of Canada's leading communications firms with clients in agribusiness, healthcare, financial services and technology. Lisa brings private sector knowledge to public sector work. Hailing from Australia, Lisa also worked on major water infrastructure projects as the liaison between municipal government, engineering and the community. 


This Thought-Leader Series will be offered in two different cities:



Registration will open at 8:30am and a light breakfast will be served. The workshop begins at 9:00am and runs until 4:00pm, with lunch and snacks provided.


We are pleased to offer a select few applicants 50% off their registration fee. To apply for a scholarship, please click here. The deadline to apply for scholarships is September 13. If you have any questions please reach out to Jack.


The registration rate (in Canadian dollars) is $279.00 per person.

The registration rate includes a full day workshop, practical exercises and a membership into Tamarack Institute's Learning community. Also enjoy a great lunch and fellowship with amazing community and civic leaders.


Get a jump on your learning with these suggested resources:

PAPER – Community Engagement: A Foundational Practice of Community Change

In this paper, Sylvia Cheuy explains why community engagement is a foundational practice in the work of community change.

PAPER – The Context Experts

This paper by Tamarack’s Lisa Attygalle, discusses how to increase the authenticity of community engagement and eradicate tokenistic community engagement through the meaningful involvement of context experts. 


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Edmonton, AB | October 7,2019

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Toronto, ON | October 10, 2019

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