Community Change Festival 
Be The Changemaker

Vancouver, Canada | Sept 30 - Oct 3



On Tuesday afternoon, we'll be venturing out across Vancouver to visit and learn from local changemakers in action. Attendees will get the true local experience, travelling by bus and public transit to their tour of choice. See below for the four tours to choose from.



Museum of Vancouver

Join the Museum of Vancouver’s Director of Collections and Exhibitions, Viviane Gosselin, for a talk and tour of our featured exhibitions. Learn about the Museum’s efforts to repair and renew relationships with First Nations by collaborating with these communities. See reconciliation in action as you visit both c̓əsnaʔəmthe city before the city and Haida Now.  

Go behind the scenes as we strike Wild Things, an exhibition that not only challenges visitors to take responsibility for their natural surroundings, but that physically embodies notions of sustainability: a significant portion of the exhibition was constructed with reclaimed or recycled materials. Discover how this approach has led to the establishment of new design and fabrication guidelines for all future curatorial projects.  

Viviane Gosselin’s work on historical and environmental literacy seeks to make the museum a more responsive, empathetic, and democratic public space that prompts people to recognize their own capacity to effect positive social change. 



Simon Fraser University, Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue

Join the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue in exploring the relationship between sense of belonging and democracy. This special event will feature storytelling by democracy practitioners, as well new findings from the Centre’s national opinion survey on democratic culture that indicate high levels of correlation between residents’ sense of connection to their communities and their levels of democratic commitment. Does a deeper sense of belonging lead to increased resiliency in our democracy? What are good strategies to increase belonging in an age of increased social isolation? Come prepared to contribute your ideas as we seek to expand our shared understanding in these emerging areas of inquiry. Held as part of Vancouver Foundation’s On the Table series, an initiative to break social isolation by bringing communities together for good food and meaningful conversations on the issues that matter to them.


Sínulhkay and Ladders

Join Michelle Nahanee as she guides us through Sínulhkay and Ladders, a life-size board game that promotes the Squamish practice of Chen chen stway (holding each other up). Its purpose is to provide a framework for developing decolonizing practices which are actions we can take, words we can say and ideas can we unlearn/learn to transform colonial impacts. The focus of the game is bettering Indigenous to non-Indigenous relations in professional settings, making sure we are holding each up - not sliding down the double-headed serpent, called Sínulhkay in the Squamish language. The game board is a rhetorical tool to emphasize neocolonialism as structures we can name and reframe. Each journey is its own, let’s make brave space for renewed understandings and decolonizing practices.


Sole Food Farms

Join Matt Johnston as he guides attendees through Sole Food Farms, an urban farm in downtown Vancouver. Sole Food’s mission is to empower individuals with limited resources by providing jobs, agricultural training and inclusion in a supportive community of farmers and food lovers.

Sole Food Farms operates one of North America’s largest urban farms with four sites harvesting approximately 15-20 tons of produce annually and employing 20-25 people facing barriers to employment. In 2018 Sole Food Farms launched an innovative collaboration with BC Housing, The City of Vancouver, and PHS Community Services Society to integrate our farm with a temporary modular housing complex.

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