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Citizens at the Centre

Max B & W (1)Citizens at the Centre: 
A Community Engagement Thought-Leader Series

Tamarack is excited to present a special one-day workshop with Max Hardy, a leading Australian Community Engagement consultant, along with Liz Weaver and Sylvia Cheuy of the Tamarack Institute to learn core principles and innovative practices to better engage your community.

If you are seeking new, high-impact ways for organizations and communities to work together to create social change, this is a learning opportunity you won’t want to miss.  Drawing on case studies from Australia and Canada, as well as techniques and activities that demonstrate alternative ways to meaningfully engage communities/citizens throughout the lifespan of your project, workshop participants will leave with the confidence to design and lead efforts to generate effective solutions to address our most challenging community issues.

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Max Hardy will bring his experience in Deliberative Democracy to Canadian Cities

Max Hardy, a leading voice on the use of deliberative democracy in community change work, will be joining us all the way from Australia to share his insights and experience to help you develop your Community Engagement toolkit while taking a people-first approach. Max brings a new and exciting lens to Community Engagement, and this workshop will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn from one of the leading deliberative democracy experts, and accelerate your organizations ability to effectively engage with diverse members in your community. Max's approach to solving complex community issues highlights the incredible value in the wisdom and experience of ordinary citizens, and will help you benefit from the knowledge  and insight of existing members of your community.


Watch this video, as one of Max's former clients describes the benefits of engaging with ordinary citizens to solve complex community issues. 

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Community Engagement is a foundational practice of community change. The knowledge, passion and capabilities of ordinary people are a rich, often untapped, source of innovation and a much-needed resource to implement promising solutions to our toughest community issues. 

Register now for this one-day workshop with Max Hardy, along with Liz Weaver and Sylvia Cheuy of the Tamarack Institute, so that you can design and lead efforts to rejuvenate civic participation and leadership to translate promising local ideas into reality.

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What Will I Learn?

Through a mix of engaging presentations, peer learning opportunities, and interactive exercises, you will learn to:

  • Establish a Common Agenda Differently – Utilizing diverse participation in the process of framing what needs to shift

  • Apply the Lens of Appreciative Inquiry – Using paired interviews, identifying the positive core of community, and framing provocative propositions about ‘desired futures’

  • Design and Facilitate Citizens Juries – Deliberative engagement can change the game. You will learn the principles and design elements of successful citizen jury processes and have an opportunity to experience the power of deliberative democracy during a compelling role play

  • Cultivate Citizen Leadership – Learn tools and approaches that create opportunities for citizens to undertake research, make sense of what emerges from that research, and offer their leadership to solutions that their research has generated

This Workshop is for:

  • Municipal Leaders – Municipal staff and elected officials who are seeking more meaningful engagement of residents and those most impacted by issues in the generation of new solutions

  • Citizen Leaders – Leaders of neighbourhood associations and those championing neighbourhood strategies

  • Social Innovators & Community Changemakers – Practitioners who want to more fully embed authentic engagement practices into their approach to addressing tough and/or emerging issues.

  • Leaders of NGOs & Community Organizations – Staff who are involved in cross-sector collaborations focused on innovation & systems change

  • Collective Impact Backbone Leaders – Anyone in a leadership role in the design and implementation of a Collective Impact initiative

  • Policy-makers, Researchers & Funders – Those who want to strengthen citizen engagement in their own work and are wanting to invest in efforts to strengthen the civic capacity of individuals and communities.









"Deliberative engagement is an approach to community engagement that is becoming increasingly popular. Having designed and facilitated over 30 deliberative panels (think ‘citizens’ juries’, but there are other forms) since 1998, I have seen how well this can work. I love watching panels do the deep dive. It’s great to see them learn and feel better connected with issues and people as a result. I also get a thrill from seeing how the output of deliberative panels really can contribute toward positive, tangible outcomes for the community. However, there are many more variables to deliberative engagement process than you might think, and it’s vitally important to make sure you invest some time designing the process."

Max Hardy


Featured Thought-Leader: Max Hardy
Max B & W (1)

Max Hardy brings more than 20 years of experience facilitating collaborative processes in Australia that have engaged advocates and adversaries; citizens and corporations; champions and the disengaged.  His work focuses on the toughest and most complex projects and he is committed not only to achieving results through collaboration but also to building participants’ ongoing capacity to collaborate.  Since 1999 Max has been designing and facilitating deliberative processes such as citizens’ juries focused on an array of topics including: local government social plans; masterplans for airports; contentious land use plans; and complex health policy issues. power of co

  • Watch Max's TEDx Talk on how questions can change everything in Community Engagement, and on the value of a community's experience and knowledge

  • Read The Power of Co, co-authored by Max Hardy, on the power of collaboration to find effective solutions to complex issues


Sylvia Cheuy SquareSylvia Cheuy

Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto workshops

For more than 20 years Sylvia Cheuy has designed, facilitated and championed initiatives that place the power and wisdom of citizens at the centre of positive change. She is passionate about community engagement and witnessed first-hand what becomes possible when residents and various sector leaders work collaboratively to realize an aspirational community vision.  Sylvia believes that when the assets of residents and community are recognized and connected they become powerful drivers of community change.


Liz Weaver 1Liz Weaver

Calgary and Vancouver workshops

Liz is passionate about the power and potential of communities getting to impact on complex issues. Liz is Tamarack’s Co-CEO and Strategic Lead. In this role she provides strategic direction to the organization and leads many of its key learning activities including Collective Impact capacity building services for the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Liz is one of Tamarack's highly regarded trainers and has developed and delivered curriculum on a variety of workshop topics including collaborative governance, leadership, Collective Impact, Community Innovation, influencing policy change and social media for impact and engagement.

Prior to this role, Liz led the Vibrant Communities Canada team and assisted place-based collaborative tables to develop their frameworks of change, supported and guided their projects and helped connect them to Vibrant Communities and other comprehensive community collaborations.


This Thought-Leader Series will be offered in five different cities:

- Halifax, NS | May 1, 2019 - Registration for our Halifax date is now closed

- Ottawa, ON | May 2, 2019 - Registration for our Ottawa date is now closed

- Toronto, ON | May 3, 2019 - Registration for our Toronto date is now closed

- Calgary, AB | May 6, 2019 - Registration for our Calgary date is now closed

- Vancouver, BC | May 7, 2019 - Registration for our Vancouver date is now closed


Registration will open at 8:30am and a light breakfast will be served. The workshop begins at 9:00am and runs until 4:00pm, with lunch and snacks provided.


The deadline to apply for scholarships has passed, if you have any questions please reach out to Jack.


The registration rate (in Canadian dollars) is $279.00 per person.

The registration rate includes a full day workshop, practical exercises and a membership into Tamarack Institute's Learning community. Also enjoy a great lunch and fellowship with amazing community and civic leaders.


Get a jump on your learning with these suggested resources:

ARTICLE - Stakeholder and Citizen Roles in Public Deliberation

The article, co-authored by Max Hardy, draws insights on a 2012 Canadian-Australian workshop of deliberation researchers and practitioners to identify key challenges in engaging of stakeholders and citizens for public engagement efforts.

ARTICLE - Busting Some Myths About Consumer & Community Engagement in Health Decision-making

In this article, by Melissa Sweet, Max Hardy explores four myths about engaging the voice of citizens and communities in decisions about health care.

PAPER – Community Engagement: A Foundational Practice of Community Change

In this paper, Sylvia Cheuy explains why community engagement is a foundational practice in the work of community change.

WEBINAR – Co-Design in Collaboration

This webinar featuring Max Hardy and Liz Weaver explores one of the most pressing collaborative challenges - fully engaging the participants around the table in the process

PAPER – The Context Experts

This paper by Tamarack’s Lisa Attygalle, discusses how to increase the authenticity of community engagement and eradicate tokenistic community engagement through the meaningful involvement of context experts. 


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Halifax, NS | May 1, 2019

Registration for our Halifax date is now closed

Ottawa, ON | May 2, 2019

Registration for our Ottawa date is now closed

Toronto, ON | May 3, 2019

Registration for our Toronto date is now closed

Calgary, AB | May 6, 2019

Registration for our Calgary date is now closed

Vancouver, BC | May 7, 2019

Registration for our Vancouver date is now closed


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