Leveraging Local Assets and Social Procurement

Date: January 28, 2020 | 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET

Speakers: Hanifa Kassam and Nate Stephens

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Join us on January 28 to learn how place-based collaboratives across the US and Canada are applying a community wealth building framework to community development work. Community wealth building is a fast-growing economic development movement that strengthens our communities through broader democratic ownership. It builds on local talents, capacities and institutions. It’s about developing assets in such a way that the wealth stays local. 

The community wealth building field includes a broad range of models and innovations. Demonstrating how social procurement, as a key lever in this process, has enabled a network of public institutions to direct resources towards achieving social impact, the webinar draws attention to the opportunities of working with a sector that may otherwise be challenging for true community engagement.

Participants will learn how connections among collective impact and community wealth building strategies can leverage powerful local assets and use social procurement to fund and catalyze community development.



Hanifa Kassam, Community Development Officer, City of Toronto

Hanifa Kassam is a Community Development Officer with the City of Toronto's Poverty Reduction Strategy Office. In this capacity she has oversight over a range of PRS activities including efforts to engage residents' with firsthand experience of poverty in to the design of City programs and policies. Hanifa is also the staff lead for AnchorTO, a network of 17 public sector institutions in Toronto focused on leveraging their economic power to achieve greater social impact.


Nate Stephens, Manager, Anchor Collaborative Network, Democracy Collaborative

Nate Stephens joined the Democracy Collaborative as manager for the Anchor Collaborative Network (ACN) in 2019. As manager of ACN, Nate works with city and community-based local wealth building collaboratives across the US and Canada. Member collaboratives made up of communities, anchor institutions, governments, and backbone organizations share diverse approaches to equitable and inclusive community development. This network explores how collaboration among anchors and communities multiplies the effects of their coordinated strategies and how the assets of large community institutions can spark change.


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