The Financial Empowerment Ecosystem Model: Building Financial Wellbeing in Communities

Date: June 12, 12:00-1:00 pm ET

Speaker: Marlene Chiarotto, Prosper Canada


Canadians tell us that their personal finances are the primary cause of stress in their lives. Volatile incomes, fewer workplace benefits, and increasingly complex financial products and choices mean many people in Canada are struggling to achieve financial stability today, let alone financial security for their future.

Establishing free or low-cost, high quality financial empowerment (FE) help within communities is a proven way to improve financial capability and health for people living on low-income. Tax clinic services and help accessing the Canada Learning Bond are two of the most common activities undertaken by poverty reduction collaboratives. Using an ecosystem approach, these and many other types of FE services are being offered to community members through non-profit/public/private community partnerships in Canada and other jurisdictions.

Marlene Chiarotto, Director of Program Delivery and Integration with Prosper Canada, will discuss the Financial Empowerment ecosystem model, how it is being used to boost poverty reduction efforts in cities and communities, and help you think through the possibilities for your own community.


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Marlene Chiarotto, Director, Program Delivery and Integration, Prosper Canada

Marlene Chiarotto is the Director of Program Delivery and Integration at Prosper Canada. Marlene is responsible for managing Prosper Canada’s externally funded projects, and implementing service system integration as part of Prosper Canada’s scaling strategy. Marlene earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree after graduating from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. She later obtained an Ontario Chartered Accountant designation and gained 15 years of audit and finance experience in both the public and private sectors, predominantly in the financial services industry. Marlene joined Prosper Canada in 2015 to better align her passions with her career by employing her skills and talents to enhance the lives of others.


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