Deepening Community
Resilient Neighbourhoods · When People Care

 Edmonton, AB | June 7-9, 2016


The Promise of Deepening Community

Today, municipalities and neighbourhoods are being confronted with a range of complex issues that are beyond the capacity of any one group or sector to effectively address when working alone.  At the same time, individuals of all ages are experiencing the physical and psychological impacts of increased isolation.  They are hungering for greater connection: a sense of belonging.

For individuals, deepening community offers the opportunity to establish relationships and cultivate the ability – and joy – that comes from giving and receiving care. For neigbourhoods and municipalities, deepening community offers the possibility to transform isolated individuals and organizations into powerful networks that have the capacity to actively co-create positive futures together and create the resilience needed to “bounce back” from crises and times of hardship.

The work of deepening community is the work of:

  • Engaging and reconnecting residents to each other;
  • Rediscovering the powerful act of caring;
  • Facilitating processes that engage and mobilize the gifts and assets of individuals and organizations to create well-being for all;
  • Transforming isolated individuals and organizations into powerful networks of shared action; and,
  • Restoring neighbourhood resilience so our communities are better able to “bounce-back from hardships.

Innovative solutions are emerging as municipalities, organizations and citizens are teaming up and working together in new ways with an intentional focus on discovering what’s possible when they harness their untapped skills and capacities. A deliberate and intentional effort is now needed to focus our collective attention on re-learning the skills to effectively build – and sustain – resilient neighbourhoods and strong municipalities.

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Re-Learning to Effectively Build Community

Participants at this 3-day Learning Event will learn about promising approaches and resources that create:

  • Relationships of Care – Caring is active and alive in our communities because the skills, opportunities and benefits of caring – between friends, neighbours and even strangers – are recognized and supported.
  • Strong, Connected Neighbourhoods – Residents share their knowledge and skills; mentor each other; and, contribute their talents to complete needed community projects.
  • Collective Impact – Citizens, organizations and municipalities have the capacity to collaborate to tackle tough issues like crime; unemployment; isolation and loneliness; and, local economic development because they have discovered how to work effectively together.
  • Resilient Communities – The places where we live are better at enduring and “bouncing back” from hardships and crises because we have cultivated the shared leadership to effectively mobilize to enhance the community’s well-being.

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Linking Theory and Action 

International community builder John McKnight; and leading Canadian community change-makers, Vickie Cammack and Al Etmanski join Paul Born, Sylvia Cheuy and the Tamarack team to guide this dynamic three-day learning opportunity. Together, these renown thought leaders will invite us to deeply explore 5 core ideas that frame the learning journey of this Gathering:

  • The Time to Deepen Community is Now - The complexity of community issues is often beyond the capacity of any one sector to solve alone.  At the same time, a growing number of citizens of all ages are experiencing isolation and a lack of belonging.  Efforts that intentionally deepen people’s experience of community are demonstrating promise in addressing both these concerns.  As citizens, organizations and municipalities discover how to work differently together, they are finding new solutions that are proving to be more effective – and more fulfilling – while creating resilient neighbourhoods and strong communities.  
  • Community Assets Become Powerful When ConnectedResident and community assets must be recognized and connected in order to become powerful drivers of community well-being;
  • Having Fun Together Creates a Foundation of Trust - Opportunities to share our stories and have fun together foster heart connections that are essential for building trust and mutual understanding;
  • Caring is a Transformative Act - Care is a transformative act -- and the practice of giving and receiving it – overcomes isolation, fosters belonging and is the foundation for creating strong communities; and,
  • Promising Ideas Spread When Linked and Shared - The field of social innovation offers lessons for how the promising ideas of deepening community can be applied, linked and spread to create a movement of change-makers who are creating resilient, engaged neighbourhoods and communities across Canada and around the world.

Practical programs and resources that illustrate how to make the promise of deepening community a tangible reality where you live will also be profiled and shared. This is a learning event that promises to fill your head, reawaken your heart and engage your hands in activities that explore both the challenge and inspiration of this work.


Celeste Speaking 

“This conference is one of the most “relevant” conferences I have ever attended. Relevant to my work, home, interests and passions” 

“On top of the great organized components, the networking and other participants put it over the top!” 

“This was eye opening, inspiring, and overwhelming all at the same time. So much is possible - we just need to start somewhere." 












Learning Together

This Gathering will welcome neighbourhood community-builders and leaders from a diversity of sectors. Together, we will reflect upon the core ideas, emerging patterns, innovative programs and policy priorities needed to create an enabling environment for resident-led, community innovation.

Each day opens with an address from one of our keynote speakers whose presentation will frame a core idea central to the work of deepening community. This will be followed by presentations of practical local examples of how these concepts are being put into action.

Participants will then have an opportunity to dialogue and explore these ideas further as part of a Peer Learning Lab. Peer Learning Labs are small dialogue groups that meet several times during the event to provide mutual support to one another’s learning journey. Learning Lab insights and emerging questions are captured and shared.

A delicious lunch, featuring talented caterers who source local food, will be enjoyed together.

Each afternoon will feature an array of workshops designed to provide you with examples and resources you can use to translate the ideas for deepening community into tangible actions that can be taken in your own neighbourhoods and communities.

A series of guided neighbourhood walkabouts, will provide an up-close look at the innovative ways that residents and neighbourhoods in the City of Edmonton are bringing the ideas we have been exploring to life within their own city.

Evenings will include a delightful array of opportunities to connect informally and celebrate the joy of being together through music, dancing, art and stories.

This three-day gathering offers you a unique opportunity of learning, connection, rejuvenation and fun. We hope you can join us!

Who is this Workshop For?

At Tamarack our own experience implementing community change has taught us that there is something uniquely powerful that happens when people come together in the spirit of learning, knowledge-sharing and peer mentorship.  

Deepening Community: Resilient Neighbourhoods · When People Care offers you the opportunity to be part of such a learning community.  This event is designed specifically for you if you are:

  • A community builder seeking to enhance your knowledge of policies, programs and practices that can advance neighbourhoods and quality of life in your community
  • A municipal leader responsible for developing and implementing a neighbourhood-strategy
  • A citizen leader in a neighbourhood association
  • An elected leader involved in positive neighbourhood change
  • A funder who invests in neighbourhood or place-based initiatives
  • A planner or researcher who is rethinking the planning and design of communities
  • A non-profit leader whose organization mobilizes action for positive community change




Deepening Community
Resilient Neighbourhood · When People Care 
 Edmonton, Alberta | June 7-9, 2016

Tegler Hall, Concordia University Edmonton 

7128 Ada Boulevard

Edmonton, AB

T5B 4E4

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