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A Train-the-Trainer Workshop
Edmonton, AB | Nov 5-7

This 2.5-day workshop is designed to build your capacity to mobilize, launch and sustain Collective Impact Initiatives by providing you with theory, resources and opportunities to practice with – and learn from – your peers.

Collective Impact: Leading Theory to Action is specially designed for backbone staff and/or consultants and facilitators supporting Collective Impact efforts. Participants of this workshop will walk away with a solid foundation of Collective Impact and a CI Facilitation Toolkit to share back to their leadership tables and volunteer base to help take their Collective Impact initiative to the next level. As a bonus, participants will also have an opportunity to connect to a peer group of Collective Impact practitioners who are advancing the field and will be able to learn together at the workshop itself as well as after the workshop in a peer-led Community of Practice.

Bring your Collective Impact ideas, challenges, tools and resources.  Over these two and a half days of deep learning, we will build our Collective Impact learning capacity and benefit from the wisdom of the field. 

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The Learning Arc

This session is designed as a comprehensive learning journey. Each activity builds on those that proceed it, helping you to build your Collective Impact knowledge and skill set. Participants at this workshop will build a network of colleagues and be inspired to take your Collective Impact efforts to the next level through a learning arc that begins before the workshop, is built upon during it, and continues after the workshop is over. 

Want to learn more? Learn More about the Learning Arc Here.


Collective Impact Book CoverA Bonus Gift

As a bonus, all learners will be given a free copy of the Tamarack Institute's new Collective Impact book, edited by Liz Weaver. The Journey of Collective Impact: Contributions to the Field from Tamarack Institute provides practical approaches and resources to advance collective impact, and explores new thinking about its application. Community leaders and practitioners of collective impact will find ways to explore the core conditions of Collective Impact, including developing a common agenda, shared measurement, accessing mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communications and backbone infrastructure.


Tamarack wheelWhat is Collective Impact?

Collective Impact is a disciplined approach to multi-sector collaboration and systems change that has proven to be highly effective at addressing an array of complex issues.  The Collective Impact framework contains five core conditions: the development of a common agenda; using shared measurement to understand progress; building on mutually reinforcing activities; engaging in continuous communications and providing a backbone to move the work forward.

Interest in Collective Impact has grown as communities eagerly search for new ways to address their most vexing issues.  There is growing recognition that the answers we seek require us to move beyond programmatic solutions to include multi-sector efforts that emphasize systems change as well.  Collective Impact offers a proven framework for getting there.

Tamarack is a Canadian leader in the theory and practice of Collective Impact and have identified it as one of five interconnected practices for effective community change.  We are keen to nurture the growth of a robust network of Collective Impact practitioners and hope that you might be one of them.   

Who should attend?

This workshop is best suited to those who have experience in facilitation and are eager to master the essential task of nurturing leadership from across sectors to work collaboratively to generate new opportunities and solutions for addressing intractable issues such as homelessness, poverty, community well-being and youth achievement and success.  

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are a community changemaker keen to achieve greater effectiveness and impact in your community change efforts

  • You are a community-builder or facilitator wanting to broaden your community change practice

  • You are involved in, or wanting to start, a multi-sector collaboration advancing change on a complex social and/or environmental issue

  • You are leading a Collective Impact effort and wanting to strengthen your own knowledge and skill putting the theory into action. 

Core elements of the workshop curriculum include:

1. An overview of the 3 Pre-Conditions and 5 Conditions of Collective Impact and an introduction to specific resources designed to: asses readiness and engage diverse groups of stakeholders to explore your CI opportunity; build consensus around a common agenda for change; and, establish backbone infrastructure.

2. An exploration of the five phases of Collective Impact and an appreciation of the unique characteristics that distinguish Collect Impact from other forms of collaboration

3. An introduction to the Collective Impact Principles of Practice – a set of guidelines generated by CI practitioners around the world – that nurture the conditions for successful multi-sector collaboration and systems change.

4. Consideration of Collaborative governance and the role of the Backbone Infrastructure in the developing and sustaining a robust CI effort.



Join us:

Collective Impact: Leading Theory to Action
A Train-the-Trainer Workshop
Edmonton, AB | November 5-7

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I am thrilled to have so many new tools for my toolbox and wish I had them before. 

I really valued being able to discuss with the different level of participants, taking their knowledge and sharing it within our organization.”

I really valued the lectures and storytelling by Liz, Sylvia and fellow-participants because they were quite informative.”

Learning Agenda

A few highlights of the learning agenda include:

  • Strategies for engaging the wisdom of content and context experts

  • Why and how to Embed a systems lens and innovation orientation into your CI effort

  • Collaborative Leadership, shared governance, and the role of the Backbone

  • Designing for long-term sustainability and resilience of your collaborative effort

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Curriculum Team

This workshop will be led by Tamarack's Director of Collective Impact, Sylvia Cheuy, and Co-CEO and Strategic Lead of Tamarack's Learning Centre, Liz Weaver.

Both Sylvia and Liz bring extensive experience and expertise to Collective Impact and are excited to be sharing this knowledge in a session designed specifically for leaders and facilitators of Collective Impact Initiatives.  Their aim is to provide participants with the tools and resources they need to lead, facilitate and accelerate impact in their own communities


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