Authentic Engagement with People of Lived and Living Experience

Date: Monday, November 25, 2019 | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. ET

Speaker: Cheryl Whiskeyjack and Jonathan Massimi


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Join us on November 25th for a webinar discussing meaningful engagement with individuals and communities that is underpinned by inclusion, diversity and equity. Hear how the power of collaborative efforts can be more impactful and tackle deep rooted social issues such as racism.



Cheryl Whiskeyjack, Executive Director of Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society

Cheryl proudly serves on the Canadian Accreditation Council of Human services, Align Association of Community Services, End Poverty Edmonton, and the Stewardship Round Table. She acts as a mentor for the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations' Executive Director Mentorship program, and represents Bent Arrow through several community partnerships. Cheryl is proud of the strong partnerships she has maintained across sectors and believes that ending poverty requires a diversity of voices to ensure better systems and communities for all of us.

Cheryl has recently been named to the National Advisory Board on Poverty.

Jonathan Massimi, Supervisor of Community Centres with the City of Kitchener

Jonathan Massimi is a Supervisor of Community Centres with the City of Kitchener. Jonathan has worked in a variety of neighbourhood settings and is a seasoned Asset Based Community Development practitioner. In 2017 he completed his doctorate where he explored the relationship between ABCD and communities of faith. His supervisor was John McKnight.


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