Abundant Community Edmonton

 A Tamarack Webinar

Date: Wednesday March 23, 2016

Time:  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

Speakers: Howard Lawrence & Anne Harvey

Abundant Community Edmonton (ACE) is part of a large movement that is neighbourhood focused, citizen centered and gift based. It advances household connection and belonging within each block/cul-de-sac/building floor and within the neighbourhood as a whole. It helps to shape neighbourhood life according to residents’ vision for their neighbourhood, and facilitates neighbourliness by linking residents to groups, both existing and newly formed. This thoughtful initiative provides a framework for a neighbourhood to develop “social capital” and increase their “collective efficacy”, creating a more connected and capable neighbourhood.

Join Howard Lawrence and Anne Harvey, the innovators and activators of this unique neighbourhood-building framework for a free Tamarack webinar. They will provide an overview of the successes and challenges of this initiative and open up the dialogue for a Q&A with participants.


About Howard Lawrence


Howard is co-founder of the Asset-Based Neighbourhood Organizing Association with John McKnight. He consults on neighbourhood health across North America and is currently developing and spearheading Abundant Community Edmonton (ACE) with The City of Edmonton. Howard has a passion for grassroots neighbourhood engagement and continues to work collaboratively with McKnight, The City of Edmonton and others, to find ways to enable people to build neighbourly relationships and increase their collective capacity within their neighbourhoods. He has been active in the life of his Highlands neighbourhood for 30 years.


Anne_Harvey_Headshot-507555-edited.pngAbout Anne Harvey

Anne is a CRC (Community Recreation Coordinator) with the City of Edmonton’s Citizen Services department, currently assigned to co-developing and the coordination of Abundant Community Edmonton – a grassroots neighbourhood engagement and organizing framework. Anne works with Howard Lawrence (Abundant Community Edmonton Consultant) in supporting and enabling Edmonton neighbourhoods in their efforts to build a stronger culture of connection.

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